Sher’s boring life

I wish I was a cigarette

all snug tightly and neat

every time you take a d


our lips would finally meet

up a ladder 1.2.3.

if you fall

fall for me

i climbed the door

opened the stairs

said my shoes

took off my prayers

turned out the bed

climbed into the light

all because you kissed me good night


cross stitch

DSCN0518 (1)

I’m cross stitching a table mat.  I’ve done about three or four coasters that need finished,.the design on the coasters are my own.  Also I choose the colours.   There’s not many people that would like to try cross stitch because they think it’s too hard. I’m starting to think that cross stitch is very easy because I’ve been doing it for seven years.  Alison Hall taught me how to do cross stitch the year I started at Percy Hedley, the year was 2008.